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Performance Leaderboard

To be placed on the leaderboard, you need to submit evidence of your 1/4 mile, 0-60, BHP and Torque figures. Evidence can be a screenshot from the Dragy app, print outs etc to show 1/4 miles and 0-60 times. Dyno graph can be used for BHP and Torque figures. To submit evidence, please visit HERE and click on the mod which applies.

1/4 Mile Leaderboard

# Avatar Name 1/4 Mile (Seconds) in
1 vbm2017 8.600
2 dummytest 0

0-60 (Mph) Leaderboard

# Avatar Name 0-60 (Mph) in (Seconds)
1 vbm2017 6.500

BHP Leaderboard

# Avatar Name BHP
1 vbm2017 302

Torque (Ft-Ibs)

# Avatar Name Torque (Ft-Ib)
1 vbm2017 520