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I’m about to go live to show you all of the best deals from @popflex_active‘s Black Friday Sale!! It’ll be like a little show & tell ahhh I’m so excited


Maybe Elon can make this place less toxic? Hope so.


Your appearance could be a tricky topic for you at the moment…. More for Sagittarius


completing cameo requests tonight so if you’re in need of a shoutout, advice, a general hello, or a happy birthday/xmas video, you’ll get the video tonight! 🖤🖤🖤


Instead of turkey (grandpa ass dry bird), I do katsu curry with panko fried pork cutlets and good kimchi. It feeds many, is easy to make, is reliably hot, and improves as leftovers.

Reject old traditions. Forge your own.





People of America. I know you’re expecting it to be 4,200 to 8,400 at this stage. But relax. This is normal, and better.


If you have to hold on to your illusions because denial makes you feel better then truth isn’t what you need. But if you ever want to escape that mind trap I’m here for you 😘


I love watching people fry a turkey LOL
Does it ever go right? 😂😭


One thing I’ve conceded: There’s enough high resolution images of my face on the internet that I could be sufficiently reconstructed with AI and it would be frighteningly realistic.

Case in point: @PrismaAI generated these avatars 🤯

My first courtside @Raptors game ✅. Was a super intense game too! 105 to 100 for the Raps. Dubs all day!


Fanciest karaoke place I’ve ever been to.. kinda wish we took the photo before the drinks lol. Happy bday @BeccaTILTS!


Today is the last day to get in on the Garage & Full OG Spec Detailing Package Giveaway! We are currently at about a 1 in 3000 chance! Drawing is Christmas Day at 4PM, Live on YouTube. @ Obsessed Garage





I’m in Italy to spec my dream Ferrari Daytona SP3! Join me in Maranello with the new LEGO® Technic® Ferrari Daytona SP3, for a visit to the Atelier alongside the real Icona series hypercar. #Ad

This year I’m thankful for these 2 and the 30% off the entire Smosh store. Shop now 🎅


My Top 10 Lipsticks & Balms Right now! P.S. – Lots of them are on sale right now 😉

feeding two birds with one scone
stop feeding a fed horse
there are many ways to feed a cat


Elon Musk Says He Will Make His Own Phone If Apple and Google Kick Twitter off Their App Stores!


According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, today’s batteries may last 12 to 15 years in moderate climates.





If you need help curating your Christmas calendar or are seeking inspiration for December ’22, look no further than the Zoella site, as we share a breakdown of The UK’s Best Christmas Events to book and secure your spot at ASAP🎄

4 years ago we launched a podcast with a plan to fix healthcare. Our first guest: Dr. Zubin Damania (aka @ZDoggMD). We’re replaying episode 1 as a reminder of the many great opportunties there are to improve care in this country.

Pakistan will never get another courageous, honest and trustworthy leader like Imran Khan again. May Allah protect his life, and give him the strength to keep fighting injustice! ❤️🙏