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VloggerBlogger Magazine is a British online news aggregate founded and created by Ibrar Mo designed to feature opinions, news, gossips and information on the celebrities of social media and of the online world.

The world’s first and only platform for online celebrities and social media stars. The words ‘Alternative’ and ‘Competition’ is unheard of. This is what makes this site unique and revolutionary. It is one of the world’s leading destinations for news, gossips and opinions. We are glad to have our supporters and followers on board to see the journey, success and growth of this platform so they can say “We was there from the beginning”.


The purpose of this site is simply to combine the whole of the social media experience and activities into one platform.

If you think about it, there are 2 types of stars/celebrities today. You have the celebrities of the real world i.e. Hollywood, Bollywood etc and then you have the celebrities or stars of the online world. People who have become famous through YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. The biggest being YouTube followed by Instagram.

There are many news aggregates out there today such as, Daily Mail, Perez Hilton, HuffPost (Formerly Huffington Post), TMZ and the list goes on. Each one of them are platforms for the non social media stars. Each one of these sites are littered with articles on actors, tv personalities, song artists etc but none to do with the stars of social media until now.

Every article on VloggerBlogger Magazine will only be about a celebrity/star of social media. Social media personalities and their loyal fans need and deserve a platform as well. This is the Daily Mail, the Perez Hilton and the TMZ for the social media stars.

Features for Registered/Logged In Users

This platform is more than just a news aggregate. It is also a social networking service. Logged in users are able to,

  • Profile – Have their own profile page where they can access many features, upload a profile photo and banner image.
  • Instagram – Connect their Instagram account to their profile so friends and visitors can view their 18 latest photos/videos.
  • Friends – Add friends.
  • Messaging – Send private messages to other users.
  • Wall – Post on users or friends wall.
  • Forum – Create posts on the forum.
  • Chat Room – Contribute on the live public chat room.
  • Posts/Articles – Create posts and articles for online readers.