The Hodgetwins Comic Book Now Available to Pre-Order

the hodgetwins comic book

The Hodgetwins comic book is now available to pre-order.

the hodgetwins comic book

The Hodetwins have got to be one of the best and funniest YouTubers there has ever been. They offer great advice when it comes to relationships, fitness, general life etc. They best thing is, they give their advice a hint of humor which always makes their audience laugh.

The Hodgetwins are the two brothers Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge.

Their successful business areas include supplements, tours, clothing and now comic books.

the hodgetwins comic book

Being a huge fan myself, i really hope the comic books turns out to be a great business venture for them. They certainly know how to brighten up a persons day with their humor.

So check out their website HERE, order their first comic book so it arrives for Christmas.

Support the funniest brothers on YouTube.

the hodgetwins comic book

This comic book is not for the immature as it will most likely contain some very mature content knowing the twins.

the hodgetwins comic book


Check out The Hodgetwins website HERE for their comic book

Check out The Hodgetwins YouTube channel HERE

Check out the post on Salomondrin HERE

Check out the post on LETSGETMADETV HERE

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