Kylie Jenner is Pregnant….. Let’s Move On!

kylie jenner is pregnant

The media is full of stories and articles titled Kylie Jenner is Pregnant. As the title says, let’s move on people.

We have got nothing against the Kardashians but they get way too much publicity for anything and everything. Kylie Jenners mother, Kris Jenner has also stated that there’s never a day where nothing is happening in the family. So, this means, nothing is a surprise anymore with the Kardashians and it should be a regular news day.

I mean good luck to Kylie but everyone is getting all worked up on the fact shes pregnant and she’s too young bla bla bla…

Everyone just needs to move on, get over it and stop making a big deal out of it. You’re just boosting up the publicity and increasing the talk on the grapevine.


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