Bubble Gut Bonanza: Thank you luimarco – Sign the Petition

Bubble Gut Bonanza luimarco

Thank you luimarco for making the bodybuilding community aware of the bubble gut bonanza which is ruining the sport and look of bodybuilding.

Mr Olympia 2017 has been covered more than usual on social media due to Phil Heaths placing as well as his bubble gut which was way out of control this year as well as Phil Heath himself being off this year.

luimarco is doing a great job by shedding light on the issues which the IFBB superiors are afraid to speak up or take any action on.

The truth is, the bloated mid section is a horrific look on bodybuilders now and apparently, it doesn’t matter how huge your gut is, you are still able to place high or win.

Bodybuilding is not just about how huge and muscular you are, but about how aesthetically pleasing you are as well.

We need to put a stop this bubble gut bonanza. The IFBB need to put there foot down on issues such as this by placing the bubble gut bodybuilders in a lower placing.

If you think the bubble gut is a horrific look and should be controlled by the bodybuilder and have a more stricter point scoring for areas such as the mid section, then please sign the petition below.


Check out the post on Big Ramy being robbed of the Mr Olympia 2017 crown HERE

Check out the YouTube channel of luimarco HERE

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