One of the FASTEST Rolls Royce Ghosts in the World – Ghost vs Ghost

Rolls Royce vs Rolls Royce

In the latest video by Salomondrin, he races his Rolls Royce Ghost Black Badge with a tuned Rolls Royce Ghost.

A standard Rolls Royce Ghost produces 562 bhp whereas a Ghost Black Badge produces 603 bhp. The tuned Ghost produces 755bhp at the crank. That is some serious power. The torque figures must be around 800 ibs ft.

The tuned Ghost is owned by Ali who is a close friend of Salomondrin and has a connection with RDBLA a car customizing company based in Beverly Hills.

As you can see in the video, the tuned Ghost absolutely demolishes the Black Badge. But what’s more amazing is the low down torque. The car propels from a dig like a light weight drag racer and not forgetting it weighs 2.5 tonnes.

Rolls Royce vs Rolls Royce

Normally with modifications for performance, the exhaust system is also upgraded but thankfully Ali didn’t take that route otherwise it will ruin the feel and image of the car. A Rolls Royce should be kept like a Rolls Royce and not like a racing car.

Would love to see Ali’s tuned Mercedes G Wagon which destroys a Ferrari California as mentioned by Farshad in the video ‘New Car Parts Are here!’.


Check out the video HERE of the tuned Ghost destroying a Ghost Black Badge

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