Faryal Makhdoom Pregnant with 2nd Child – Congratulations

Faryal Makhdoom Amir Khan

Faryal Makhdoom has announced on Snapchat that she is pregnant with her 2nd child.

Hopefully, things have calmed down at home and that the air has been cleared between herself and her husband, Amir Khan.

Congratulations Faryal. We hope things are sweet between you and your husband and that it’s a smooth journey from now until the birth of the baby.

Amir, we’re reading posts about you Whatsapping a girl. Don’t want to get in to detail. Hopefully this is fake as you have a wonderful family that loves you and which you need to think about more especially now that your family is about to expand. Really hope you can settle a little more. The media is making you look like some animal. We’re a big fan. Don’t mess your reputation up.

Faryal Makhdoom Amir Khan

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