Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Hands On

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is revealed with the tech players getting the ball rolling with reviews.

First things first, due to extensive research, testing and durability, this version of the Note series will not EXPLODE!

It was a sad and disappointing time for Samsung for the Note 7 but they managed to turn things around and bring bigger and better things to its customers. Talking of bigger, the Note 8 now comes with a 6.3″ display. This doesnt necessarily mean the phone is larger in size. Just like the s8, with the edge to edge infinity display, screens are extended to the edges meaning the body can stay the same in size.

The phone now features 6GB of ram and a feature called app pair which allows the user to open 2 different apps on one screen. So watch YouTube while chatting with friends and family on Facebook.

On feature that certainly stands out on the UX is the sparkling, fireworks display when writing.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


The Note 8 has many new features so why not check out the review on YouTube by Android Authority

Check out the specs and more info at Samsung


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