This is an ‘Essential Phone’. Get it?

Essential PH-1 - Essential Phone

Essential Phone is an essential phone which is the new kid on the block. If you’re going to start a phone company or launch a new model, it needs to compete with the big boys such as Samsung, LG, iPhone, Huawei etc.

The purpose of this essential phone is to give you exactly what you need from a phone without the extra bells and whistles. It packs an amazing spec combined with beautiful aesthetics but what mostly stands out is the edge to edge display.

To put it simply, this is an amazing phone. First model of its kind and it’s already up there trying to challenge the big boys. As mentioned earlier, it doesnt come packed and full loaded like the LG’s and the Samsung’s but its main goal is to rival with less and give what the user wants. Essentially, to give an Essential Phone.

Essential have named it the Essential PH-1 – PH-one, PH one, PHone, get it?


Essential Phone


The Essential comes with dual 13mp cameras, mic, flash and 2 pins for attachments such as a 360 degree view camera. The reason for the second camera (Monochrome camera) is to capture more detailed and sharp images which is then applied on top of the image captured by the other camera to produce a single ultimate rich picture.


Essential Phone


Main Specs,


Screen – Edge-to-edge display. 5.7″. 2560 x 1312 QHD.

Camera – Rear = Dual 13mp. Front = 8mp


Storage – 128GB Standard

Battery – 3040 mAh

Port – USB Type-C, NanoSIM

Materials – Titanium body for damage resistance.


Check out the phone at Essential’s site at PH-1

Check out the review by Marques Brownlee


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