Bader Boodai is a Legend from the Middle East!

Bader Boodai

Far, far away over the desert and sand dunes lies a country called Kuwait and it this country where the man himself, Mr Bader Boodai is located. Some people are calling him the Joe Weider of the Middle East but out of respect, many dont like the comparison as well as Bader himself. Bader is a very respectful and down to earth businessman who is well know in the fitness and bodybuilding industry.

He is the owner of the famous Oxygen Gym where the IFBB Pro Big Ramy, Nathan De Asha, Brandon Curry and Roelly Winklaar are currently training to compete at the Mr Olympia.

Now, let’s talk about the most widespread gossip in the bodybuilding community which is to do with something called ‘Anabolic Chicken’. All of the pros mentioned above have increased in size year by year and people have said it has something to do with ‘Anabolic Chicken’. Now, this doesnt actually mean Chicken which is anabolic but rather the quality of high protein content foods, supplements and Vitamin S (if you know what this means) but a large part to do with the knowledge, experience and understanding of muscle growth and training.

The best thing about an IFBB pro training under Bader Boodai is that a lot is provided for you. Food, accommodation, supplements etc is all there waiting after each workout. The reason behind this is so you can be the best you can and to unleash your true potential. You will have no worries about anything. All that is needed is pure focus and tunnel vision when it comes to working out.

Having someone like Bader training pros at his home town and personal gym makes Mr Olympia and bodybuiding as a whole, a lot more interesting. Many high rollers in the bodybuilding industry have said Mr Olympia is not enjoyable and exciting anymore and that Bodybuilding is slowly dying out. This is purely due the same thing happening year after year. There’s no buzz. Now that we have Bader and his team called the Camel Crew making positive waves with proven results, it makes things more enjoyable.

Kuwait is the new muscle factory and that is a fact!

Be on the look out for more posts on Bader Boodai.

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